Thursday, October 14, 2004


Australians Against Further Immigration For Forests

For the first time in my life, I voted Liberal. In all of the previous elections I voted in, I voted Labor or preferenced it after voting for parties even more left-wing.

This time, I voted in Bradfield for: first preference Liberal, then Democrat, ALP, Greens and put Families First last.

For the Senate, I decided not to vote directly for the Coalition, just so they don't get too cocky, but vote for Liberals for Forests - unless they got elected, their preferences would flow to the Coalition, right?

Wrong. Here's a sampling of some of their preference ticket:

1-2 Liberals for Forests (primary vote 0.5 %)
10-11 HEMP (0.61%)
31-32 Citizen's Electoral Council (0.06%)
33-34 Australians Against Further Immigration (0.27%)
35-36 Family First (0.54%)
37-38 Australian Progressive Alliance (0.06%)
39-41 Australian Democrats (2.12%)
42-43 Save the ADI site party (0.08%)
44-48 Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile group) (2.61%)
49-52 Labor (36.99%)
53-58 Liberal / Nationals (43.9%)
59-61 One Nation (1.86%)
62-67 The Greens (7.12%)
70-71 Nuclear Disarmament Party (at least of Yankee and Hymie) (0.05%)

After hearing that the Coalition could control the senate, I thought "maybe I should have voted against the Coalition in the Senate". And now it looks like I have. It reminds me of a joke in Cafe Arabica:

My Syrian friend told me this joke was going around when she was in Syria at voting time...
A sweet little old lady went to vote. After voting, she walked away and then realized she made the wrong decision, so she went back to try and change it.
''Excuse me dear, '' she said at the polling booth. ''I was wondering whether I can change my vote.''
''That's O.K, Ma'am. We've already done that for you!''

But I still feel dirty that my preferences may flow to ratbags like CEC and AAFI.

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