Saturday, September 10, 2005


Woods Hole and New York

Photos from Woods Hole, MA and New York, NY.

A sinister statue
The statue in this picture featured in the Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame in 2001.

A righteous statue
Fixed! Now only the number on one of the buildings looks wrong.

Birds on a wire
Birds on a wire. Woods Hole, MA.

Frozen water
What part of "9.8 metres per second per second" doesn't the water understand? Woods Hole, MA.

Sculpted snow
Snow sculptured by the wind. Woods Hole, MA.

View from bus
Photo taken on bus between Woods Hole and New York.

View from bus
Photo taken on bus between Woods Hole and New York.

Art in NY
Art work in New York central park.

Times New Square
Times New Square


Old dictator, dead terrorist
Fidel Castro, the world's oldest dictator, and Yasser Arafat, the world's oldest terrorist (and dead as well).

Charlie Chaplin and I
A pretty lousy Charlie Chaplin imitation, and the one on the right isn't much better...

Wayne Gretzky and Michelle Kwan
Wayne Gretzky, hockey player, about to check Michelle Kwan, figure skater. I fear for the former...

Bill Gates
Along with Woody Allen, Bill Gates is one of the shyest figures in the museum.

Ex-Meow mix meta-photo
A photo of photos at the former Meow Mix.

This is a building, to use the technical term.

The site of the former World Trade Center buildings.

What amazed me when I saw the area was that it looked more like a construction site than a place of death and destruction.

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