Saturday, October 09, 2004


Australia decides ... at last

Who'll manage the majority of Australia's $800 billion economy? You.

John Clarke and Brian Dawe did a skit a while ago making fun of how we're supposedly capitalist societies, yet a major campaign issue is how well the candidates would manage the economy. Maybe Liberal party ads mention the size of the economy because they don't want to mention the size of the current government.


Wishing for a nuke-free Iran and North Korea? Don't vote for the Nuclear Disarmament Party.

A search of their media releases for Iran only finds two releases mentioning Saddam's war with Iran.

A search for North Korea finds a complaint about Downer "telling the North Koreans and the Chinese what they should or should not do", and a release alleging that "[the US] has done nothing about the far greater nuclear threat posed by North Korea", going on to say "This has sent the terrible message out to the world that the only way a country can prevent itself from being invaded by the US is to develop nuclear weapons" (but remember, the NDP is against nuclear weapons).

A search for Pakistan finds some complaints about the treatment of Mahmoud Habib, and a complaint about Pakistan and the Pentagon supposedly suggesting (American?) tactical nukes should be used. It also says (less than 2 weeks after September 11 2001) "On first examination of the problems which we all face the situation seems complex, with so much aggression being shown by so many people, but closer analysis suggests that a single diagnosis can be made and that is US imperialistic military aggression".

Neither hit for India were about its nuclear weapons.

No hits were found at all about China, or of France.

Guess who gets a mention with regards to nukes? Yes, the Zionist entity and loads of mentions of America.

In the policies section, mention is only made of the USA, Israel and China with regards to nuclear weapons.

And, surprise surprise, they opposed the invasion of Iraq, which was months away from acquiring nukes according to Mahdi Obeidi.

They aren't anti-nuclear-war, they're on the other side.


I predict that the Democrats will win at least 2 seats in this election, most likely in South Australia (a Democrat stronghold) and NSW (where people will be voting as much for melanin-enriched Aden Ridgeway as for the Democrats). The minor party with the most primary votes doesn't always win the final senate seat. In 2001, both the Democrats and One Nation got more senate votes than the Greens in NSW, and the Greens candidate got up. One Nation also didn't have any luck in Queensland or WA despite getting more primary votes.


And remember, a vote for Labor is a vote for Bashir!

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