Sunday, July 03, 2005


Oslo pictures

Pictures and notes from the Oslo part of my trip.

But you only read this blog for the articles, so you won't be clicking on the hyperlink below, will you?

Ok, looks like you did.

Holmenkollen troll
Do not feed the troll. He's not hungry. Holmenkollen ski jump and museum, Oslo.

Fur ski and long ski
Just to the left of the blue picture, a pair of skis, one ski short and with fur underneath to provide push, the other ski long for gliding. Holmenkollen ski jump and museum.

Ski poles with utensils
Ski poles featuring weapons or kitchen utensils. Holmenkollen ski jump and museum.

There must be a rational reason for this building being where it is. Photo taken from Holmenkollen ski jump.

Oslo from Holmenkollen ski jump
No, I can't see my house from here. But if I lived in Oslo, I might be able to. Photo taken from Holmenkollen ski jump.

Abseil rope off ski jump
I'd like to say I abseiled down this. A private group did so. Holmenkollen ski jump.

Holmenkollen ski jump
It doesn't look that scary from this angle.

Holmenkollen ski jump
Or this angle.

Holmenkollen ski jump
Hey, that's nice. It slopes up at the end.

Holmenkollen ski jump
This angle looks benign too.

Holmenkollen ski jump
Now this photo gives a good reckoning of the ski jump. Holmenkollen ski jump.

National Theatre Oslo
National Theatre, Oslo. At least I think it is. It's a fancy building near the National Theatre subway station. A google image search for Oslo National Theatre found another photographer of the same opinion.

Clothing display, probably within Oslo town hall.

Oslo town hall clock
Oslo town hall clock. As well as being able to tell the time, it can indicate the current zodiac sign and apparently the current phase of the moon.

Andjam ice skating
Me ice-skating in Oslo.

Oslo traffic light
Oslo traffic light. Scandinavians are very law-abiding people, so in order to send out a firm message on jay-walking, they have two red non-walking pedestrian figures. Between Grefsen station and Haraldsheim YHA.

Oslo pedestrian crossing sign
Oslo pedestrian crossing sign. Dig the hat and the walking style, man.

Norway rat
Rattus Norvegicus, I presume? Googling suggests the rat actually originated in Northern China, and also has the name of wharf rat. Maybe it got the name from Norway's history as a shipping nation. Between Grefsen station and Haraldsheim YHA.

Photo from Oslo train
Photo taken from train going from Oslo central to the airport.

Oslo flight photo
Photo taken during flight from Oslo to Copenhagen.

Another Oslo flight photo
Another photo taken during the flight. Has anyone seen lines in the snow like this? If so, what are they?

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