Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Poor journalism reigns in Reuters

From Reuters:

Friday's vote exposed deep class divisions in the oil-producing nation of 67 million people.

Ahmadinejad's humble lifestyle and pledges to tackle corruption and redistribute the country's oil wealth have appealed to the urban and rural religious poor.


In wealthier north Tehran, Rafsanjani voters said they feared Ahmadinejad would reverse modest reforms made under Khatami that allow women to dress in brighter, skimpier clothes and couples to fraternise in public without fear of arrest.

Yeah. The "conservative" won because of stupid red-staters. Nothing to do with the thousand-odd candidates blocked by the regime.

I don't know much about Iranian "politics", but generally the strongest supporters of fundamentalism are rich and university-educated. But the media wouldn't make things up, would they?

Don't answer that.

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