Thursday, October 28, 2004


Excuse? We don't need no stinking excuse...

Nemesis asked Tim Dunlop why he blogged.

I have a theory that if you're trying to [change] people's opinions, then blogging is not the medium to do this.

Sometimes blogging can change opinions. Tim Blair sometimes posts on excesses in the anti-smoking movement, and it probably played a role in my feeling that the NSW's proposed ban on smoking in pubs is going too far. So blogging isn't a total waste of time.

In addition, when blogging you can find out info that can be useful when talking with "undecideds" about an issue.

In a world where most people and political parties (in the West at least) are moving steadily towards centrist positions, the old Left/Right bollocks just doesn't work anymore - yet blogging still seems to be stuck in this old paradigm. Until it breaks out of this mould it will never realise its true potential, I fear.

Is it an either/or proposition? Either a one-dimensional political spectrum, or no spectrum at all?

Maybe some other bloggers have a view on this. Would love to hear from them.

The reason I have a blog? I wanted to make a comment at another blog, was told that I had to register or post anonymously, and ended up with this as a bonus.

Why do I blog? The advantage of blogging over commenting is that you can set the agenda. I don't have to look for some blog mentioning SBS's article on the PKK, or the obscene James Hardie payout.

Why do I discuss politics online? It allows me to discuss politics while keeping my "real life" friendships intact. Especially as most of my friends were opposed to the invasion of Iraq.

On the left/right political spectrum, I agree that this is no help whatever nowadays, if it ever was. One reason is that the non-left is too much of a mixed bag to put under one label. Opposition to the left is not enough to unify groups as disparate as the Religous Right, cultural conservatives and libertarians.

In addition, some of the non-left groups are just as keen on big and intrusive government as the left - for example the Religious Right and the neoconservatives.

Rafe (libertarian/liberal)
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Following on the previous comment, one reason for blogging is to find a group where there is a good balance between agreement and disagreement. If
you agree with everything you don't learn anything, and if you disagree with everything you can't establish any common ground to move forward.

The fascinating question for the ALP is whether they can shed enough of the union and leftwing influence to be capable of winning an election.

They can only do this if the economic rationalists in the party have enough confidence and numbers to take on the unions and the left and win.

We can help by explaining that the natural consitutuency of the party will gain from sensible economic policies. The workers as distinct from the
unions will gain from industrial relations reform and those who really need help from the health and welfare safety net can be helped more effectively if less money is wasted by rorting the system, as is happening with
disabilities pensions.
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