Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Blue Planet

While looking up google news for John Kerry's view of Australia I came across a ZNet article called Republicans Among Us:

The march's banner, "The World Says No to the Bush Agenda," was broad enough to unite a wide array of anti-Bush voters and activists opposing the continued occupation of Iraq. ... One man carried an "Electoral Map of the World" with a few places like Texas, Saudi Arabia, and Australia marked as red states; the remaining globe was covered in a sea of blue.

What do Texas, Saudi Arabia and Australia share in common?

Oil exporters? No, Australia is a net importer.
Supporters of war in Iraq? No, Saudi Arabia's contribution to the war has been on the other side.
Supporters of Israel? Another no for the Wahhabiist entity.
Countries not submerged after sea levels rise? Australia is one of the flattest continents in the world.

The only thing I can think of that is shared by the three is that they each have a lot of desert. Does anyone else have any theories?

They all have the letters "a" and "s" somewhere in their names?
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