Saturday, July 03, 2004


Osama and Me

Some over-hyped American movie by a self-obsessed stupid white man has been released recently. I decided instead to watch a foreign-language film instead.

The story is about a girl who pretends to be a boy so that she can work (there are no males in the family). The actors are non-professional (I mean by that that they've got no filmography, not that they're prima donnas). No good guys kick butt. So why see it?

Charles' comment at Little Green Footballs asking

"Has anyone noticed that, in the three years since the US homeland suffered its worst attack in history, Hollywood has not produced one single film that advocates the American side in the War On Islamic Fascism?"

has a little to do with why I saw it. It seems that virtually the only people who have made anti-Taliban films are from Afghanistan and Iran. The film has been described as the first film from Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban (and the first since the rise of the Taliban). But I came away feeling that the movie seemed so real to me. It broke my heart to see protesting women flee when the Taliban arrived, whereas in a typical movie the women would have at least confronted them at first.

For those wondering, like I was, whether the name "Osama" was based on the person wanted in connection to bad stuff happening in September 2001, the best I can say is "quite possibly". There was a brief mention of bin Laden by one of the children being rounded up to go to a training camp.

I'm giving it a 4-star general.

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