Saturday, July 10, 2004


Bad practice

China plans to practise invading Taiwan:

CHINESE soldiers will for the first time practise a D-Day style invasion of Taiwan on a densely populated island off the mainland coast this month.

The difference with D-Day being that D-Day involved democracies invading a dictatorship.

Reports of the exercise were greeted with thousands of supportive messages yesterday in mainland internet chatrooms, a sign of the immense popularity of Beijing's policy of striving for the eventual return of Taiwan.

While I doubt that support is that strong, it is depressing how often nationalism acts as one of the pillars of dictatorship.

One said: "Taking back Taiwan by force is only a matter of time. We don't have to be afraid of the US. China is never afraid of a paper tiger."

Just like nuclear weapons were a "paper tiger".

China is concerned that Mr Chen is moving further towards declaring independence - a step that would probably trigger a Chinese military response, possibly a naval blockade.

If Taiwan wishes to declare independence, why not let it do so, and just negotiate a China-Taiwan free trade agreement?

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