Sunday, July 11, 2004


As halal as a ham sandwich

As halal as a ham sandwich

The Great Vegemite Airlift is being augmented by Adelaide lawyer Stephen Kenny.

Lawyer Stephen Kenny, who is based in Adelaide, will meet Hicks for three-and-a-half days from Wednesday inside the US base at Cuba - taking with him items including Vegemite and chocolates.

Hicks must be going through it at a reasonable rate, or sharing it with others, as he was sent some late last year.

Minor problem: Vegemite is no longer kosher, and therefore is probably not halal. Considering that there were over twice as many Muslims as Jews back in 1996, it is surprising that the original newspaper article didn't touch on this potential issue.

If Hicks chooses to eat haram food, especially if he's fought for a regime that beat women caught eating ice cream, the only thing that comes to mind is the quote attributed to Alfred Adler that "It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them."

Of course, David Hicks will be heartbroken over not being able to eat any Vegemite other than the "small jar" he currently has, right? I mean, despite there being no mention of Vegemite being requested or sent in The President Versus David Hicks, we aren't to think this is some sort of PR stunt done by the same people who are trying to paint John Howard rather than David Hicks as the traitor, are we?

On a separate note: An Australian Navy newsletter ( - hyperlink awaiting Adobe Acrobat's halal certification), with advice from Defence International Training Centre, on feeding foreign Muslim students gives as a meal suggestion: "Bread with jam (definitely not vegemite because of taste)". We await with interest Al-Qaeda guidelines on feeding Australians.

Great post.

By the way, thanks for backing me up over on Tim Dunlop's site. It was appreciated.
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