Sunday, June 20, 2004


Reckless stunt

In order to further some ideology, a person was in a deep pit covered by wooden planks. He suffocated.

Why do people do stunts such as burying themselves? In part, to get media attention. I know, I'm media, I'm giving it attention, but I'm not mentioning his cause or anything.

A reaction to his death was pretty pathetic too.

"It's all god's will," one devotee said.

"Perhaps his mission on earth had come to an end. We still revere him as god's own representative on earth."

He wasn't the messiah, he was a very reckless person, and now he's dead.

What a croak!!
Good on ya Andjam, like your work that I've seen elsewhere. Neat site too.
See ya!
Umm, does this mean there'll be no world peace now?
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