Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Crocodile pushed into sea?

East Timor (who have the crocodile as a national icon) does not exist.

At least, this is the opinion of OPEC, an organisation whose membership reads like an extended axis of evil. Visit OPEC's web site, click on "Member countries", check out the area designated as belonging to Indonesia and therefore not East Timor and ask "Dude, where's their country?". (For those wondering where East Timor is, a map is available on this link).

This had better not be the start of a new trend. There have been many cases exposed by the blogosphere of maps of the middle east that don't have Israel in them. Many Islamists reject East Timor leaving the Dar-al-Islam, and no doubt want to take it back by jihad. "Mainstream" organizations such as OPEC failing to recognise East Timor only makes things that much worse.

It's simple, really: East Timor is not a member of OPEC.
They do seem to have included East Timor within Indonesia on their map, it's true. I think you're stretching your credibility with your assertion of an ulterior motive, though. Why not imagine that they either haven't updated the map since independence? It's not hard to find other, non-Islamic online sources who have made the same mistake. I doubt you'd accuse them of anything but tardiness in updating their maps.
Umm. It was pretty much the defacto US position for many years that East Timor didn't really exist, being that it was a legit part of Indonesia. Hence our long-term policy of diplomatic cover for the Indonesian government, coupled of course with mucho weapons sales.

You're really concerned about what OPEC's gonna wreak on poor Timor?

The point being: US policy toward Timor really mattered.
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