Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Bowling for Hizb'allah

You can't make this stuff up (warning: web site possibly overloaded). If you did, Mike Moore would sue. (Heads up from LGF reader rumpole)

The company distributing filmmaker Michael Moore’s Bush-bashing movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” says it won’t reject an offer of help from Middle East terrorist organization Hezbollah.

The excuse given for accepting Hizb'allah's offer was “We can’t go against these organizations as they could strongly boycott the film in Lebanon and Syria.

And how much revenue would the film get in Lebanon and Syria?

Maybe it isn't about the money. Mike was willing to boycott Israel and apartheid-era South Africa with the film "Roger and Me" on the grounds that they practiced segregation. A fair enough call for South Africa, but one of the main demands by Israel's critics is to remove Jews from the West Bank and Gaza - they are demanding that Israel practice segregation. (Incidentally, hizb'allah sponsor Iran and the countries distributors are so interested in, the United Arab Emirates and Syria all practice segregation)

Either Moore has grown more capitalistic since "Roger and Me", or he regards Israel as worse than Hizb'allah.

But really, willingly getting help from a terrorist organization to help promote your movie? How low can you go? And how many Moore fans will tolerate this?

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